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Cognia Early Learning Accreditation

We are the first school in Mexico with the Cognia Early Learning Accreditation, which means we are accountable to high quality educational and childcare standards focused on teaching and learning as well as health and safety, providing families guidance in finding exceptional programs for their children. The Cognia Standards for Quality Early Learning Schools support learning, growth and development of young children in a culture of continuous improvement that engages leaders, staff and parents. 

Our program meets recognized standards of quality, impact children’s lifelong learning and support young children in the highest regard. Cognia Performance Accreditation for Early Learning Schools motivates schools like us to continuously improve on behalf of the young children we serve.


We know preschool is an important stepping stone for children, therefore we celebrate that our little ones exist and they are who they are. We celebrate the hope they bring to the world and that they form part of our community. We celebrate the pace at which they learn, develop and grow. We are confident that they have the capacity to contribute to the positive transformation of their family and society, and to move ahead in life facing the challenges that will come.

Our commitment is to provide rich learning integral experiences in a stimulating, positive, challenging, healthy, fun and safe environment to develop an appropriate cognitive, emotional, social and physical growth.

Acknowledging their individuality, different learning styles and development pace, our curriculum and teachers take in consideration the student's chronological age, evolutionary development and social context.

Highlights of our program:​​

  • Positive Guidance

  • Safe and health environments 

  • Supportive Interactions

  • English Immersion

  • Intentional Active Learning

  • Learning through play

  • Flexible and Differentiated Educational Programs

  • Project Based Learning

  • Learning Centers

  • Visual Thinking and Cooperative Learning Strategies

  • COBU: Values and Emotional Intelligence Program

  • Catechesis of the Good Sheperd

  • EMAT: Mathematics in a creative and experiential way

  • Nurture love of literacy through Lucy Calkins program

  • Everyone can Code

  • Psychomotricity

  • First Immersion to the certified music program

  • Continuos Teacher Training

  • Abilities Tutorings

  • High Ability Learners Bundles


  • God is their friend. They are aware of God's love for them and in turn they love others. Mary is their mother and she looks after them. 

  • They are part of a community. They embrace and practice virtues such as honesty, truth, justice tolerance and respect for others. 

  • They manage their emotions. They are aware of their emotions and are able to manage them. I show respect for rule, they can resolve conflict and create a respectful environment. 

  • They love and value themselves. They discover their personal traits, interests and qualities with positive self-awareness.

  • They analyze and actively put forward their ideas. They use technology. They identify and analyze information to tackle everyday challenges with creativity.

  • They communicate. They express themselves orally and in writing, in both English and Spanish, using drawings, letters and words. 

  • They create and imagine. They express ideas and feelings in an aesthetic and creative manner. 

  • They think and solve. They possess a number a notion of numbers, forms, space and measurement.

       They are interested in mathematics. 

  • They take care of their body. They look after their nutrition and are physically active to stay healthy. 

  • They look after the environment. They know about nature and protect the environment and its resources. 

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