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We believe in the strength and capacity of our students, that is why we build eager learners & stronger readers and writers. 



We promote autonomy and critical thinking that challenge our students, preparing them for the future. 


  • Project Based Learning program

  • Personalized socioemotional grade program

  • STEM projects on all grades

  • Apple 1:1 Technology

  • Financial skills program

  • Communication skills used on a social leadership challenge

  • Critical thinking platforms

  • Reading program per lexile level

  • Reading program per lexile level

  • Preparation for High School admissions test. 

  • International academies options for an experience abroad. 

  • College Board

Oak International Academies

Students have the opportunity to study abroad. They can live and study in other countries with the same advantages of integral formation they have at home.



  • They live accordingly to the values and teachings of their faith. They see Christ as a friend and role model and Mary as their mother. 

  • They are socially responsible and live accordingly to values that promote justice, respect, equality, democracy, citizenship, human rights, solidarity and common good. 

  • They appreciate their country's culture, history and traditions and their attitudes are inclusive, equitable and solidary. 

  • They take ownership of their learning process. They learn by themselves and in collaboration with others. 

  • They use technology with responsibility for research, problem solving, communicating and creating innovative content.

  • They communicate in an assertive manner orally, in writing or audiovisual form in various contexts and with the support of digital tools.

  • They express themselves through art with immagination and creativity. They appreciate the cultural heritage and artistic work around them.

  • They tackle situations using logical mathematical thinking via calculations, data analysis and algebraic expressions.

  • They make informed decisions considering the cultural, economic and natural elements in their surroundings. 

  • They lead a healthy lifestyle taking care of their physical and emotional health. They protect and take care of the environment. 

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