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Apple Distinguished School

We’re pleased to be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2021-2024 for our implementation of the 1:1 program.


  • 1270 students

  • 200 teachers

  • Private school

  • K9


Apple products and services

  • Students: iPad 8

  • Teachers: iPad 8 and Macbook Air

  • Apple tv

  • Apple School Manager

  • 2 Apple Professional Learning Specialists

  • 3 Apple IT Pro


Apple teachers

All the staff is certified and in continuous learning



High-speed internet access available throughout the campus





Macbook Air


Himalaya International School Monterrey has been committed to its community since 1996, providing high-quality education and a high-level academic learning experience to its students and teachers from preschool to high school.

Our model is distinguished by its personalized service and contributes to the formation of young Catholic leaders of positive action, with an international vision and commitment to the development of society, this achieved through the formation of the person in its various dimensions: human, intellectual, spiritual and apostolic, under the motto "Education to face the world, training to change it."


We develop the skills of the 21st century, focusing on the student, since they take an active role in the learning process and develop a learning experience beyond the classroom. We seek the development of students who create, collaborate and are innovative and critical thinkers.

In this evolving world where the exponential growth of technology is rapidly compounding problems through automation and offshoring, we prepare students for a sustainable future with a transformative educational model. Students succeed in school and in everyday life when they can take an active role in their education, are empathetic, ethical, culturally inclusive, collaborative, and communicative. They are young people who have vision, who are capable of making social decisions and changing the world.

The school has always distinguished itself by providing personalized attention to all its students. This is an important aspect that could be demonstrated by analyzing the results obtained in the parent satisfaction survey, which is applied each year. Because our goal is to make every educational experience unforgettable and long-lasting, we maintain a 5: 1 ratio between teachers and students, ensuring that students gain the skills necessary to resolve everyday conflicts. Another approach to this objective is the flipped classroom, an initiative that today is applied in all of our classrooms; transforming each student into an independent learner, while teachers become facilitators during classes, promoting discussions, exercises or projects. Students in grades 4-9 have the opportunity to work at school and at home with their personal iPad, which means that their learning style is modernized and more enjoyable and allows them to get information from different resources, so they have a deeper understanding of the subject. It also gives them the opportunity to select the tool they prefer to use in collaborative projects such as Pages, Numbers or Keynote. During the pandemic, K1 through 9th grade students worked from home with a personal iPad provided by the school. Over the past several years we have increased the percentage of digital books used at Elementary and Middle School, some created by our teachers, and we have seen student interest increase.


Enrollment continues to increase since the 1: 1 program was implemented. All of our graduate students are admitted to the high school of their choice. More students are receiving academic, leadership and high achieving scholarships in high school and college and our place on the College Board test has risen to 4th place in 6th grade and 3rd place in 9th grade nationally.


With the interactive applications for the second language class our students have increased their vocabulary level, in this way they take control of their learning and the test scores have been better.

Inclusion (special needs) students have benefited greatly from the use of electronic devices as the iPad becomes a meaningful learning facilitator available at their fingertips. We know that you need interactive, visual, auditory stimuli, clear and short instructions, strengthening and immediate feedback and the emphasis of concepts and the use of the iPad has made it easier for you.

For the teacher, the flexible design of the class is a help in unexpected situations and divergent thoughts. In addition, learning platforms such as: IXL, Raz-kids and MAP help teachers to measure the progress of their students on a daily basis.


  • Complete redesign of the preschool building

  • IPad digital pens to all teachers

  • IPad keyboards to all students from 5th grade

  • Augmented reality projects in classes

  • Maker Lab 3 times bigger than the current one

  • Each section will have its own Media Creation Room, equipped with green walls, TV screens, iPad stands and digital microphones.


1st Grade: Project using Schoolwork and collaboration in Keynote

3rd grade. Collaborative Pages project to create a digital Book

6th grade. Project of a virtual tour of a museum using Reality Composer



We strongly believe in active learning and in giving students the opportunity to become aware of their own learning processes and to control their own perception, inquiry, learning, and growth habits. They analyze and evaluate their knowledge with essential skills that help them to be competitive in their future areas of specialization. That is why from the beginning of the 1: 1 Program the student became the creator of their own knowledge, both inside and outside the classroom, which we consider vital to make connections between classmates, develop knowledge and establish learning habits for the entire class. 

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